What are Kudo cards?

How can kudos help you

What are Kudo cards?

Kudo Cards serve a visible gift of appreciation for someone’s good job or thanking someone for giving you a hand with something. The main benefit is that you can give kudos to your co-workers. You don’t have to wait for your manager or boss to do that since top-bottom praise is outdated. With Tempsly you can create team boards where everyone from your company can create and share the kudos. Every team member's kudos will be organized on their board too.

Who are these for?

A Kudo is not just given from the top down, but peer-to-peer and bottom-up. Across departments and organizations, anyone can recognize someone else’s work. It’s a way to break down hierarchical constraints and to encourage everyone to offer instant positive feedback.

How does they help HR Managers?

Employee engagement is currently a hot topic. HR managers around the globe are dealing with this issue by discovering new tools, and approaches to motivate and reward employees and therefore decrease the number of disengaged and demotivated workers.

Remote Work?

Showing appreciation for your colleagues in a remote work environment is essential. Tempsly makes it easy for you to keep all the kudos organized and share them publically or privately with the teams.

Enhance appreciation in your team?

Organize all your kudos, public/private boards, team boards and much more...